Inspections come at a substantial cost to you as a buyer, so it’s important to vet out the industry professionals (home inspectors now have to be licensed in the State of New Hampshire, not the case just a short time ago). Here are the questions you should ask to find the home inspector who will do the best possible job on your behalf:

  • Do you belong to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)?
  • How many inspections have you performed in this area…How long have you been in the profession?
  • Do you have Errors & Omissions Liability coverage?
  • Do you pick up the radon canisters? (Due to liability, it is not the practice of our agents to collect test samples.)
  • What’s the cost for a General Inspection, plus tests (i.e. septic, water, radon air & water)?

At Manter Realty, our buyer clients enjoy a wide-ranging list of inspectors and contractors accessible through our company’s many trusted business contacts.