The Home Inspection

Congratulations, you and a bona fide buyer for your home are “in contract!” Time to relax, right? Well, not necessarily. The inspection is the first of two major hurdles (the other being the appraisal) in getting to the closing table.

Treat It Like a First Impression

It is important to keep in mind that the buyers for your home spend 2 to 3 hours, on average, with their chosen home inspector at the time of inspection, providing them an opportunity to reaffirm their buying decision, so be sure to prepare the house as you would for a showing…Make it shine! Welcome the buyers back with freshly baked cookies, always a nice touch.

Experience Counts

Inspections come at a substantial cost to the buyers, so well-informed buyers have vetted the industry professionals (home inspectors now have to be licensed in the State of New Hampshire, not the case just a short time ago), all the necessary calls are made to engage the home inspector who they feel will do the best possible job on their behalf. Any deficiencies and/or repairs discovered and reported may bring about a new round of negotiations. An experienced broker, however, is your best advocate in helping to navigate any unexpected detours that the impending sale may take at this critical time.

Our List of Contacts

When needed, our seller clients enjoy a wide-ranging list of vendors and contractors accessible through our company’s many trusted business contacts. At Manter Realty, we are with you every step of the way, providing the professional expertise in negotiating, so that you may achieve the goal of a successful closing!

Next Up:

The Appraisal

The critical time when the appraiser determines the value of your home.