Preparing for Showings

Getting your home ready to welcome potential buyers may take just a few days of tidying up, but most likely, you’ll have one or more projects that require help from a professional. These are the steps we recommend to our clients.

Think Like Our Photographer

Try to see your home as if for the first time, noticing anything that should be cleared away or moved to create a spacious, tidy scene in each room. This will enable our photographer and photo editor to produce top-notch marketing photos of your home. Read our full list of home staging tips here.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Spacious?

If you’ve already moved into a new home and you’re selling a vacant property, it would be wise to consider professional staging. Some buyers find it hard to imagine how to furnish a vacant home, and empty rooms can sometimes come across as cold and uninviting in photographs. A staging expert can bring in a few temporary furnishings that will make a big difference.

Call in a Professional

If you’re up against years’ worth of clutter or need some repairs done, it’s well worth getting the help of a professional. We can offer an extensive list of trusted contacts, including:

  • Staging Professionals
  • Painters
  • Landscapers
  • Contractors

How to Ace a Showing

On showing days:

  • Clear any dead leaves or snow from your drive and walkways.
  • Open drapes and curtains to allow as much light into your home as possible.
  • Adjust the heat or air conditioning to make the house comfortable to guests. On cold days, a natural fire in the fireplace is especially inviting. In nice weather, leave windows open for fresh air.
  • Clean kids’ fingerprints from glass and windows (especially common around slider door handles).
  • Create a cozy hiding place for your cat in her carrier, or;
  • Arrange for nervous or loud pets to be elsewhere during the showing.

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