Autumn poses some unique challenges to sellers. Here’s what might make a buyer think twice…

A Hovering Homeowner

While it’s harder in cold weather to come up with family activities outside the house during showings, it’s important to make the effort to get everyone out. Prospective buyers may not feel comfortable talking openly with their co-buyers or agents with the homeowner there, and may not open doors and drawers in front of the seller–potentially missing some of the home’s best features.

Lack of Curb Appeal

After flowering plants and foliage disappear, homes can look a bit bare on the outside. Consider adding some “homey” touches like a wreath on the door, and clear entryways of leaves and snow. A few welcoming touches can make all the difference.

Perceived Massive Maintenance

Fall and winter house hunters will see the roof, drainage systems, slopes and basements of a property performing under tough weather conditions. Homes that display signs of troublesome maintenance to come (think gutters overflowing with leaves) may deter buyers who are worried about loads of weekend chores. Use our Change of Season Checklist for tips on winterizing.


Change of Season Checklist

Winter can be rough on homes, especially here in New Hampshire! But with a little maintenance, you can extend the life of appliances, prevent common problems and save on your heating bills. Do you know how to winterize your home? View the Checklist Here.