Viewing a Property

Use this time to make detailed observations of the house, inside and out. Does it meet all of your needs? Will you need to make any updates or alterations? Feel free to ask questions, and take your time.

Once at the property, wait in your car until your Realtor® arrives. If you must talk with the Seller’s agent, keep the discussion relative to the property…you don’t want anything you say to compromise your negotiating position.

The Listing Packet provided by the seller’s agent usually contains the plot plan or legal description, property disclosure and listing sheet. The property disclosure is completed by the seller to the best of his/her knowledge and recollection. This report often gives a history and the condition of the mechanical systems of the house…review it carefully.

While walking through the house, look around, up and down. Try to see beyond the seller’s personal belongings. Keep in mind your needs and wants. Ask questions and revisit rooms if necessary…no need to rush.

Next Up: Making an Offer

An offer is about more than just price.